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The latest owners' reviews of Dacia Logan
Dacia Logan Diesel Estate - 2014
Val Frank 24/07/2014
Benefits: No tax, low insurance, fuel economy, very spacious inside, large boot, lovely to drive.
Drawbacks: Very frustrating, unhelpful and rude customer services.
I bought a new 2014 plate Logan Diesel Estate. I paid just over £11,000 which was a bargain. As an extra feature I purchased a media sat nav system, a big mistake and a waste of £300. From day one the systems bluetooth facility was faulty. It skipped several times during each song. I tried the aux & USB but it did the same. The car dealer did tests & concluded that it was faulty. They sent the report off to Renault and 3 months later I was still waiting. I contacted customer services, this is where things got nasty. They were so unhelpful and rude. I spoke to a manager who sternly stated "you will not get your money back. This is a software issue and we are waiting for an update so you will just have to wait". The staff at the car dealerships hands were tied and their manager tried everything to help me and was as frustrated and annoyed as I was. 5 months after I bought my car a software was available. They updated the system for me but it still did the same. This time the dealership could order me a new system so fingers crossed it works when it's installed. All in all I am very pleased with my car but absolutely appalled with Renaults customer services. These are people who are suppose to keep customers happy. It's as if the money for repairs is coming out of their own pockets. I am going to take my complaint with them further as I have missed 5 months of using an item that cost £300. It was also the numerous phone calls and negative responses that I should not have had to experienced. It's a pity that these people let down the name of Renault. I am very reluctant to purchase another car from them but the car prices of Dacia are very competitive.
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